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Having your roof coated with Climashield™ roof coating products supplied by one of the UK's leading sealant suppliers Smartseal UK, will dramatically enhance the visual appreciation in your property along with protecting the roof tiles from the elements. For properties with porous concrete roof ties this is the recommended course of action and the product that is most applicable to ensuring longevity of colour retention and maximising the benefits of the product.

For homeowners or business premises with clay tiles or slates then a clear sealer is recommended to fully enhance the natural attributes of these natural products as well as protecting and inhibiting future moss and algae growth.

Prior to the application of the roof coating or roof sealer  the roof structure is given a through application of a high quality fungicidal wash to ensure that sub surface moss and algae spores are eradicated.

The contractor will ensure all areas requiring protection are sheeted up from the possibility of any over spray arising from the use of a professional airless sprayer. Using an airless sprayer is vital for achieving a uniform colour but vitally important in enabling the Climashield roof coating to be fully absorbed into the tile structure, the viscosity of the product has been specifically designed to be absorbed at a considerable depth into the tile to ensure long lived colour retention and growth inhibiting properties are utilised.

Be wary of any contractor that suggests painting the roof by hand this is ineffective and extremely long winded process that will increase significantly the time spent on site by these contractors.

Once the first coat has been applied and after a suitable drying time a second coat is applied to further enhance the attributes as described above.

Once the second application has been completed the site is cleaned and tidied before a customer walk around to ensure complete satisfaction.

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Roof Coating & Roof Sealing Oxford image
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